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University of North Dakota

A Place to Gather

How we helped

  • Brand Clarity
  • Visual Storytelling
  • StoryMining

UND’s Memorial Union, located in the center of campus, serves as the gathering hub for students, faculty and visitors. It serves a multitude of purposes with study spaces, dining areas, meeting rooms, student government offices and conference spaces. It is the ultimate place to hang out and meet up with friends.

Memorial Union was one of the first spaces to be redesigned following the campus brand audit that the University collaborated on with Advent. It was vital to ensure that the UND brand was properly executed as this project would serve as the prototype for future developments. The Union is warm and inviting and filled with storytelling elements unique to UND. Highlights include the 3-D mural featuring campus icons that visitors see on tours; a tribute to UND alumni who served in the military; a two-story granite fireplace engraved with the UND alma mater; and the university seal emblazoned on the floor and feature walls.

The Challenge

  • Create a sense of place that is uniquely UND
  • Provide brand consistency and create a prototype for future campus projects
  • Make the space warm and inviting for students, yet also elevated for first time visitors

The Process

  • Conducted StoryMining with UND alumni, lead donors, administrators and students
  • Applied overarching story themes and story attributes throughout physical space
  • Collaborated with UND marketing team for brand clarity

The Solution

  • Created a “den” space for students centered around a massive fireplace and comfortable seating
  • Integrated UND branding in unexpected ways, including a 3-D mural that welcomes visitors
  • Spotlighted alumni veterans and UND’s first graduating class
  • Provided branding and wayfinding elements for meeting spaces, offices and student study areas

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