Championship Culture

On the heels of their second national championship in three years, Villanova debuted extensive renovations to the Finneran Pavilion. The space needed to honor a long Wildcats legacy and create an unforgettable gameday experience for players, students, staff and alumni.

The Mission: Leaving a Legacy

Villanova transformed Finneran Pavilion into an elite training ground and a dream destination for recruits. The 360-degree concourse celebrates the Wildcats impressive history with a Villanova Hall of Fame, NBA draft picks wall, a moments of greatness display, and key numerology, all with room for expansion.

Renovations take the fan experience to the next level with enhanced amenities and cutting-edge technology. Outside the pavilion, a plaza for pre- and post-game activities builds excitement before tip-off. Innovative touchscreens and interactive displays create new ways for fans to explore the program’s story.


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