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Fuel Wonder

How we helped

  • Brand Clarity & Consistency
  • Visual Storytelling
  • StoryMining
  • Fundraising

Breakthrough Discoveries

The University of Arizona, renowned for its pioneering NASA collaborations such as the OSIRIS-Rex mission, and its celebrated basketball program, sought to unveil the depth of its brand beyond science and sports. Collaborating with Advent, the Arizona Foundation initiated its largest capital campaign in university history, centered around the theme of “Fuel Wonder” and the untapped potential of the institution.

Together, the U of A Foundation and Advent crafted a compelling narrative for the public phase of the campaign, resulting in an interactive Homecoming 2023 event aimed at showcasing the diverse array of programs and initiatives at the University of Arizona. The goal was to create an immersive experience that brought to life the incredible accomplishments and discoveries of U of A students and faculty.

The Challenges

  • Leverage the University of Arizona’s historic success stories within STEM fields while also highlighting the other accomplishments of current students and faculty
  • Develop a strategic plan that capitalizes on the excitement of the newly launched fundraising campaign to draw the attention of alumni and donors to support emerging programs
  • Craft a user-centric experience that can be constructed for the University’s Homecoming weekend and ignites the curiosity of visitors to explore the scientific breakthroughs achieved at the U of A

The Process

  • Uncover key differentiators that set the University of Arizona apart through StoryMining sessions with distinguished faculty, current students, and leadership members
  • Foster alignment within the University of Arizona Foundation team through an in-depth Sandbox session to establish expectations and possibilities
  • Work kneecap to kneecap with foundation team members to design an authentic pride-building experience for alumni and visitors that celebrates university achievement


  • An ultimate user-centric experience that uses static and digital displays to tell the University’s breakthrough discoveries including its involvement in the OSIRIS-REx
  • The launch of a unified fundraising front that can leverage the immediate excited created by the event to draw in the attention of more donors wanting to join the mission
  • An interactive system of modular displays that can be repurposed for ongoing fundraising events
  • A momentum video that the Foundation used at the kickoff VIP event preceding Homecoming

Let’s build something meaningful together