Shawn Keklak

DX Producer // “Pixel Pro”

As part of the Advent DX team, Shawn helps oversee hardware architecture planning, integration management and client support.

A graduate of the Art Institute of TN with a degree in audio production, Shawn most recently worked at M3 Technology Group as a lead install technician. His previous experience included roles at VersaPro Mac Authority and Sphere Recording Consoles.

Shawn grew up in the Pennsylvania Poconos and as early as high school was drawn to audio and video. A few fun facts about Shawn:

He helped lead and manage the install of the USACE ERDC headquarters facility in Vicksburg, MS, which was named install of the year by Systems Contractor News.
He helped work on Ben Fold’s Concerto and Ken Burns’ documentary, “The History of Country Music.”
He is a self taught pianist and plays by ear. He can also tune a piano.
His favorite film genre is French new-wave and includes directors like Jean-Luc Goddard and William Klein.
Shawn is a great fit for the Advent team with a strong affinity for the user experience.