These five values, all 'I will be' statements, were chosen from the characteristics our team exemplifies each day. They are the standards we hold ourselves to.

I will be...

1. Clutch

I come through in crucial situations.   I respond confidently to adversity and challenges. I Get.Stuff.Done.

2. Creative Problem-Solver

I find innovative yet effective ways to overcome difficult situations. I am resourceful.

3. Relationally Intelligent

I care about how others think, feel and act— and adjust my actions accordingly. I am empathetic.

4. Agile

I adapt to the demands of the customer, my team, and the situation. I am flexible.

5. Selfless

I am humble, yet direct and accountable. I put the team and the customer first.



We are creative thinkers, problem solvers, and challenge seekers. We create experiences that will move your audience.

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Our team is a quirky group of folks and talents—we're architects, falconers, sketch artists, 3-D modelers, musicians, MBA’s, marketing strategists, cheerleaders, typophiles, contractors, craftspeople, project managers, mathematicians, meat smokers, photographers, reporters, aerial silkists, writers, actors, moms and dads. We snack a lot. We like cookie Thursday, potlucks, food trucks, all kinds of music, gifs, campy films and giving back to our community. 


Our People

Read the stories of the people of Advent. Or just put a face with the person you've been emailing with.

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John Roberson

CEO // "Chief Cheerleader"

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Todd Austin

Todd Austin

President // "The Integrator"

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Todd Cyphers

VP of Client Experience // "Chief of Exceeding Expectations"

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John Downie

VP of Strategic Solutions // "Q Branch"

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Brenton Flynn

Brenton Flynn

VP of Finance and Accounting

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Kyle Mayes

Senior Strategic Advisor // "Point Man"

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Will Roberson

Strategic Account Manager // "Client Champion"

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Susan Shafer // "The Megaphone"

Susan Shafer

Director, Communications & Marketing

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Davy Fisher

Associate VP of Strategic Solutions // "The Wünderkind"

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Lauren Duke Patterson

Design Director // "The Dean of Design"

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Phillip Petty

Phillip Petty

Design Director // "Valiant Visioneer"

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Dustin Waltke

Senior Designer // "Improviser"

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Reese Stevens

Associate Design Director// "Millennial Falcon"

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David Fox

Senior Story and Content Strategist// "Story Catalyst"

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Christian Rosdhal

Lead Technical Designer // "The Gatekeeper"

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Rebecca Tracy

Director of Client Success // "Lifesaver"

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Brooke Harris

Senior Project Manager // "Captain"

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sam v

Samantha Vicenzi

Project Manager // "Make It Happen Captain"

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Mindy Ward

Mindy Ward

Senior Project Manager

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Julie Wyatt

Julie Wyatt

Project Coordinator // "Make It Work Gal"

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lance carter

Lance Carter

Project Engineer//Mr. Fix It

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Jeremy Insell

Jeremy Insell

Project Engineer // "Solutionaire"

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Lucia Cunningham

Staff Accountant // "Cohesive Humorist"

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Melanie Gomez

Melanie Gomez

Operations Manager

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Leslie Fisher

Human Resources & Payroll Coordinator // "The Booster"

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Hope Howell Jenne


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Mindy Ward

Senior Project Manager

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Helping others

giving back

we aim to make an impact, and not just for our clients.

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