Heath Drimmel

Strategic Advisor

As an advisor for his team, Heath consults with Advent’s partners to determine how we might assist creating experiences that tell the right story in the right way with the ultimate objective of moving audiences.  With a strong passion for design himself, Heath loves Advent’s design thinking approach and the collaborative methods used to help others experience innovation.

Before coming to Advent in early 2019, Heath spent more than a decade in healthcare, fostering strategic relationships and driving customer satisfaction through strong account management practices. With a passion to help people, he has spent much of his professional career caring for his customers, leading his colleagues and welcoming his role as a liaison between the two.

Heath attended Abilene Christian University and takes great pride in the experiences that Advent helped create for his alma mater.  He graduated with a degree in Youth and Family Ministry, which he continues to utilize with the young people he mentors. Born a Texan, Heath married Chelsea, a native Nashvillian, and now hangs his hat in Tennessee.  They have a precious 8-year-old son, Joseph.