Gaines Henson

Sales Team Coordinator // "The Caddy"

After graduating from The University of Tennessee Haslam College of Business in May 2019, Gaines moved to Nashville to join our Advent as a Sales Team Coordinator. As a coordinator, he assists our Northeast sales team with client relations, account management and team operations.

Gaines is the youngest of four children, two brothers and a sister, all of which work in the medical sales industry. When asked about differentiating his career from his family, he noted "My inspiration will always be wanting to make the world a better place for people. I believe Advent gives me a unique opportunity to affect people in a positive way."

A multi-sport athlete, he is not shy to competition and banter among his friends and coworkers. In addition to sports, his mom tells him he is a good singer, so he enjoys to sing. The Advent team is just glad his mother is so supportive. 

A final note of importance is that he is a committed Tennessee Volunteers fan–and where most of the competitive banter comes to life. Moving to Nashville has also elevated his fandom for the Titans and Predators.