Davy Fisher

Davy Fisher

Associate VP of Strategic Solutions // "The Wünderkind"

Davy Fisher's six-year-old stepdaughter describes his job as "coloring and having meetings." In grown-up speak, Davy sketches, directs design work, presents designs to clients, manages design teams, runs Advent's "Strike Team" sketches, runs design charettes and drives architectural integration on projects. In other words, he colors and has meetings.

That description is just fine for Davy, who believes in maintaining an appreciation of childhood pleasures in grown-up pursuits. Graduating from Samford University, Davy earned a Bachelor of Music in theory and composition with a piano principal and explored a number of creative and spiritual pursuits before joining Advent in 2011. He began a career in ministry in addition to owning Haven Productions with Associate Vice President of Advent West Brad Jones.

Davy has worked on a multitude of projects for clients including USC, Vanderbilt University, the University of Nebraska, Florida State University and TCU, to name a very few. He considers the University of Wyoming Gateway Center to be his favorite project to date, noting the innovative interactive displays, clean storytelling and balance of ruggedness and elegance that Advent contributed to the remarkable architecture.

A native of Franktown, Colo., Davy draws his inspiration from a number of sources, from God and nature to his children to Legos, Spider-Man, Bob Ross videos, quantum physics and the music of John Denver, Ellie Goulding and Hans Zimmer.