When it came time to rejuvenate the home of the Mountaineers, West Virginia University called on Advent not only to provide uniform branding, but to tell the team’s stories, honoring WVU’s long history of great players, bowl victories and coaching legends. Along the way, a beloved but sidelined touchstone was given a new, central home. Supergraphics outside the stadium celebrate the team and WVU history, while column displays along the concourse showcase bowl history and team greats. Throughout, Milan Puskar Stadium now boasts a unified brand. Practical matters including wayfinding and foot traffic are also addressed, with bold and clear signage, plus streamlined and practical vinyl design elements obscure windows that formerly caused traffic flow issues.

Along the path leading to the stadium, freestanding panels celebrate West Virginia legends and lead to the stadium entrance, where the Mountaineers’ team touchstone, a massive block of coal, is displayed on a branded pedestal at the northeast gate. Formerly kept in small space fenced off from fans, the coal touchstone is now a part of a new team entrance route where the public and media can join in a WVU tradition. In addition, the touchstone is now an Instagrammable moment for fans.

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