Tulsa Drillers Club Level
At ONEOK Field, the Tulsa Drillers have built a minor league dynasty that has captured the attention of baseball fans everywhere. With a 2018 Texas Championship secured, the program had no trouble on the diamond, but they struggled in finding ways to show off their achievements. The Drillers believed in highlighting their historical success, while giving themselves room to grow. With polished chrome finishes, dark blues and blacks, and a classic logo that hearkens back to the industrious spirit of the settlers of Oklahoma, the renovation of ONEOK Field positions Tulsa to cater to their growing fan base, while maintaining a consistent and powerful brand.
At the suite entrance, the Drillers iconic logo is used to usher suite holders into an elevator that takes them to the second floor. Down the stretching hallways, large graphics detail significant past events at ONEOK Field. Tulsa Legends, including fan favorites Nolan Arenado and Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez, dominate the space with larger-than-life imagery and stories of their accomplishments with the Drillers and beyond. Farther into the stadium, an affiliate history display presents the MLB teams that the program has been partnered with over the last century. Upon entry into the lobby, visitors are greeted by four columns, each one highlighting a Texas League Championship. Replica bats are printed with the roster of each championship team, giving each player equal recognition for their success.

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