Auburn University, 125 Years of Women Sculpture

In order to celebrate 125 years of co-ed classes on campus, Auburn University commissioned Advent to create a sculpture to pay homage to generations of influential women that have called Auburn their alma mater. Advent’s team took inspiration from the campaign’s logo, designed by University Alumni Affairs’s art design specialist, Heather Peevy, and partnered with Heather and the University to bring the sculpture to life.

Alexandria Real Estate, 9Lab AgTech Campus

Advent has been fortunate to continue a longstanding partnership with Alexandria Real Estate, to effectively engage their tenant audiences in experiential moments that connect them with ARE’s mission, goals, and purpose, all centered around science and innovation. The 9Lab AgTech campus was no exception, which is home to tenants focused on the future of scientific and pharmaceutical research. Advent commissioned a local muralist, Matthew Curan, to create a mural that told the story of local flora which have medicinal and pharmaceutical properties.

University of Washington Foster School of Business, Founders Hall

As the UW Foster School of business sought to build Founders Hall, they were guided by these core values: Community, Pride, Connection, and Innovation. In partnership with Advent, our charge was to crystallize these themes in the space. For ‘Connection,’ we were inspired to honor local, Indigenous artists in order to connect students with the history of the people of Washington. Advent collaborated with artist Shuan Peterson (i.e. Qwalsius) to celebrate the life cycle of a Salmon and to connect it with the people’s land acknowledgement.


University of Louisville, Denny Crum Hall — Original Crawford Gym Court

University of Oregon, Student Recruitment Center — ’Living’ Lockers

Dallas Cowboys, Miller Lite Plaza — Hand-Painted Beer Cans

Villanova University, Finneran Pavilion Lounge — Final Four Court

Dallas Cowboys, The Star — Original Hail Mary Frame-by-Frame



Below, you can find a video summary of the StoryMining interviews Advent led with members of the Frisco, Texas community. The identified findings from these interviews lead directly to the StoryMap.

The following StoryMap was the summation of Advent’s interviews with Dallas Cowboys stakeholder and community members. Connecting the story themes with the masterplan allowed Advent to program the over 220 fan experience moments across the 91 acres of the Star. Ultimately, the StoryMap served as the foundational piece for the tourpath that the Cowboys use to generate over $4 million in tour revenue.

See how the StoryMap came to life: