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Not Just A Building

People don't just build a building to build a building, but in fact to tell their story!
In a world where it’s becoming more and more competitive. How are you looking to stand out from the crowd?
This is a topic I have spoken about at several different conferences in the past.
As a business, we always look to identify the reasons why our customers and partners are doing certain things.
Whether it's a college campus or a sports stadium.

Where most people approach the construction of a building in an emotionless way, we approach it through the lens of telling a story.
We take the time to look at the detail to understand the real reasons why you've decided to build this building.
We know it’s not just because you want utility and greater efficiency for your staff, as so many default to.
It's in fact to build something that says something about your organization.
To set a new record.
To set a new chapter.
To set a new narrative.
To set a new dialogue about your brand.

Whether it's a college student, a sports professional, recruit, or even a fan, these people aren't choosing you because of how the building looks!
They're choosing you over everyone else because of how you made them feel during their experience.
They're choosing you because of how you connected with them, told your story, and demonstrated how much you care.

It’s the story that we tell throughout all the different elements of business that make the biggest of differences.
We are in the business of moving people, we know how important it is, but my question today is…

Do you?

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John Roberson
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