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Rethinking Sponsorships

Last year, sponsors spent $1.39 billion on the NFL and $1.25 billion on college athletics. Not surprisingly, they want a return on that investment.

Sponsors want to reach your audiences, but they also need proof their investment is getting traction. They want metrics, and have begun adding ROI clauses to their contracts.

So, how do you measure an experience? How do you translate a fan experience into quantifiable data? How much is a great fan experience worth?

Advent’s Sponsorship Activation Tracker examines this issue through the lens of sponsored interactive games and other sponsored experiences at the home of the Dallas Cowboys, The Star in Frisco. We learned that these experiences raised brand awareness, brand equity and willingness to buy — even among those who just watched others play the games.

Visit the sponsorship tracker website to learn how consumer retailers achieve double-digit increases in brand awareness, consideration and equity, and how your brand and sponsor relationships can benefit from our research.

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Clay Steakley
Story Lead