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Advent Designs Experiences That Move … Us Across The Street

Does anyone know someone who can help move a few dozen Nerf guns, a Tron arcade game, a ping pong table, a Starbucks machine and some markers? So many markers. Asking for a friend. After a couple of cozy summers in our current office, Advent will be on the move into a new office space. We won’t have to go far, but we will need to be patient. On Oct. 9, Advent broke ground on new headquarters in Nashville. Opening in approximately 10-12 months, CitiView 2 — a site adjacent to Advent’s current headquarters — will be the team's new home. More than a simple work space, the new HQ will be a creative environment for Advent’s internal team and for visiting clients to brainstorm and collaborate. Three other Nashville companies will be assisting in the design and construction including Gilbert, McLaughlin, Casella Architects, Earl Swensson Associates and Carter Group, LLC. The #AdventNewHQ is a year away, but don’t be surprised if we try to speed up the process with some shovels and paintbrushes on lunch breaks. Here’s a look at our new digs:

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David Fox
Content Manager & Lead Copywriter