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USC’s All-American Walk Moves New Class of Trojan Greats

Four years ago, star USC receiver Marqise Lee taught us a lesson about tradition and inspiration. On his walkpath from the locker room to the practice field, he passed by the All-American plaques of his former teammates Robert Woods, Matt Kalil and T.J. McDonald on his way to practice every day. “One of my goals was to make it on the wall,” Lee said. When Lee added his name to The Nadine and William Tilley Football All-American Walk in 2013 — alongside Woods, Kalil and McDonald — the gesture was much more than adding his name to a list. He was part of a legacy at USC. Even today, the All-American Walk is a powerful experience that connects not just teammates but USC legends through the years. The Trojans and the Advent updates team worked with USC continue to tell its story about an All-American tradition by adding Adoree Jackson, Chad Wheeler and Zach Banner to the All-American Walk this year. Though all three are in the NFL now, they were able to share this experience with each other on Twitter.

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David Fox
Content Manager & Lead Copywriter